Why Do Thieves Commit Identity Theft

The thieves of the past have evolved over the years. This may be their way of keeping up with the changing world. They may also be evolving to be able to maximize the advantages that the world offers them.

In the past, thieves usually hold valuables such as money and jewelery. Nowadays, thieves steal for a lot of different reasons as the definition of valuable has changed considerably. The digital age which is marked by abundant influx of information has made data relating to people extremely valuable. You may be tempted to say that your name and birthday is unimportant, but a professional thief may have hundreds of uses of information as insignificant as someone's name and date of birth.

Why do thieves commit identity theft? There is a multitude of reasons, but some of the most important ones are listed below:

1. To cover up for another crime.

Identity thieves steal the identity of another individual in order to cover up for a crime that they have committed. There have been accounts of people being pinned down in a certain crime because of an identity thief's usage of their information. It happens mostly in cases of online crime, but there are cases where victims have been accused of a real-world crimes too.

2. To make unauthorized purchases.

Credit cards and credit card information are usually usually stolen in order to make purchases. In the case of a stolen card, it will take time for the real owner to be informed that his or her card is being used for purchase, especially if the retail store is very lenient. Identity thieves can purchase all that they want until they reach the card's credit limit. After purchase, they usually simply toss your card away.

3. To extort money from your loved ones.

E-mail hacking is one of the earliest styles of identity theft. The thief will hack into your account, open your e-mail and then send a call for help type e-mail message to people your contact list. This ranges from them asking for monetary help because you are in a hospital, stranded in a foreign country without money or have been kidnapped. A lot of people who actually fall for this.

The reasons mentioned above are some of the most common and important reasons why a thief might be interested in stealing your identity. Knowing why thieves commit identity theft, and how they work helps you prepare and protect your identity.

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