Two Tips for Creating the Best Merchant Services Sales Pitch

No matter how good your credit card processing services are, they won’t sell themselves. To make the sale, you need confidence, poise, and above all, great communication skills. Over the years we’ve had thousands of meetings with potential clients, and we’ve learned a lot about what goes into a successful sales call. So today, we’ll offer you two tips to help you have the best merchant services sales pitches possible.

Keep it Fresh

Usually, the more you do something, the better you get at it. However, there’s a downside to repeating something over and over: staleness. And when your pitch gets stale, it suffers.

Pay attention to your potential customers and you’ll be able to tell when this happens. They’ll shut down and stop listening when you’re giving your usual information about credit card processing services. They’ll become defensive when you—with your focus blunted by giving the same speech over and over–emphasize a word the wrong way.

You can avoid this by not giving the same pitch every time. Don’t memorize. Instead, have a general idea of your talking points and just to try to let the words flow. If you’re not good speaking extemporaneously, at least try to make tiny changes to your routine. Change a word here. Rethink a sentence there. Keep it fresh. Keep it selling.

Get Impartial Feedback

If you really want to have a successful pitch, you should walk yourself through the whole sales call before you actually do it. Think about what needs to be said, how to say it and the order in which it needs to be said. You might start to think that you’ve created the perfect presentation, but chances are you haven’t.

The sheer act of writing a presentation or a sales pitch damages your ability to see it objectively. Therefore, you need impartial feedback. Give your presentation to a friend or colleague. They’ll be able to point out if you’re using the wrong word, if you’re explaining your credit card processing services unclearly, if your tone isn’t quite right. Get that feedback from a friend, or you’ll get it when a potential client says no.

Salesmanship is a skill that can take years to develop, but with those two tips, you’ll be on your way to giving the best merchant services sales pitches out there. Have you come across any other advice on how to make the sale? Tell us in the comments section below.

Source by Jeff Fortney

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