Reliable Prepaid Calling Cards – Where to Shop and Buy

Shopping for a reliable calling card to make international or long distance calls can be quite frustrating. Many times consumers have no choice because most home phone service providers charge expensive rates. But that doesn’t necessarily mean there are no honest calling card providers to shop and buy from.

One of the biggest tips for finding that perfect calling card is to never pay for one in cash. Especially at a small local neighborhood grocery store. Many of the cards sold in such locations are cheap. But they’re cheap for a reason. Most of these inferior cards have false advertised minutes and most won’t even work properly. Many small local grocery stores won’t even accept credit cards. There’s a reason for that.

When you’re purchasing any product with any major credit card you’ll have a certain degree of consumer protection. Some examples of businesses that will accept credit cards to purchase calling cards are Walmarts, major pharmaceutical chains such as CVS and even Targets. These major commercial shopping giants also make sure they carry products that perform as advertised.

You can also purchase prepaid calling cards on the Internet. You should look for companies that have been in business for at least over 5 years, offer toll free customer service phone number and give away some sort of free trial minutes. Most importantly they have to accept credit card payments.

It’s also best to find a calling card company on the Internet that accepts PayPal payments. If you’re familiar with eBay then you’ll know that PayPal is a good method to protect online transactions as well as offer consumers an extra layer of protection against defective and false advertised products.

So when you’re looking for a prepaid calling card make sure you never pay in cash. Always use a major credit card to purchase one either at a well established sources online or in major stores.

Source by Edwin M Clark

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