Get the Facts – Removing a Bankruptcy from Credit Report

Has a Bankruptcy recently happened to you. It can be a devastating thing to go through and it can seem like you will never recover from it. After you have a bankruptcy a lot of creditors will see this on your credit report and they will deny you credit because of it. It is a good idea to get all information that is on your credit report verified to make sure it is accurate. Nothing can hurt you worse than an inaccurate credit report.

People will tell you that it is impossible to remove negative items form your report and that you will just have to live with it. The truth is that the credit agencies are responsible for verifying that the information that is reported on you is accurate. You have the right to dispute any item that you feel is not accurate on your credit report. The person who reported it then will have a 30 day period to prove it is accurate. If the time period passes and the Credit Agency has heard nothing then the negative item must be removed by law.

The best reason for filing a Bankruptcy is to get a new start with your credit but it can also cause you some issue when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, house, etc. It is important that you constantly check your report for errors and always report any thing that should not be on your report.

Just remember that it can be tough going through a Bankruptcy but it you are persistent then you can get items removed from your credit report.

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