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Are you in a serious debt situation and are not sure where to turn? Debt management companies can be a great help to individuals and families that have run into financial hardship, and organizations like the J Hass Group may be able to help you find a creative solution to get back on track with your finances.

More and more individuals are finding them in serious financial trouble due to difficult monetary situations due to these stressful economic times that all Americans are dealing with. These include things like layoffs, furloughs, pay cuts at work, increasing mortgage payments due to adjustable interest rates, and increased interest rates from the very credit cards you are struggling to pay.

On top of people struggling to pay their necessities and credit card payments, the credit card companies themselves are not doing anything to help people get out of debt easily. Many credit card companies are raising interest rates and increasing fees for different things like being over the credit line and missing your due date. For example, if you miss a due date and are assessed a late payment fee, and then they jack up your interest rate to up to 30%, it can quickly get you to your credit limit, at which point they will charge you a second Fee for being over your credit line. Even if you are trying to make ends meet and paying your minimum monthly payments, your credit card balances will actually increase instead of decrease. You will feel like you are throwing money out the window, and actually you are, as the minimum payments you are making are not at all impacting your bottom line.

Credit solution companies like J Hass Group can help you eliminate you debt quickly and easily, with the use of their experienced credit counselors. They typically recommend debt settlement, which is a strategy that has helped thousands of their clients eliminate their debt. Debt settlement borrowers clients stopping their minimum monthly payments, but they require you to save the money you would typically make payments on to make a lump sum settlement payment to your debtors.

The counselors at J Hass Group can assist you in speaking with your various creditors to negotiate a settlement arrangement on your debts. Many creditors will accept a smaller percent as a settlement in hopes of at least getting some of the money you owe back, and while you are saving money from making your minimum payments, you may have the ability to pay off this settlement agreement in one lump Sum payment. This will eliminate your debt quickly, within an estimated 12 to 36 months.

Debt settlement is not always the best option for every client, so it is important to call a debt management company like the J Hass Group immediately when feeling the burden of credit card debt to get the process started. With the right assistance, you may be able to settle your debts at a smaller percentage than you owe, and be free of your debt quickly to get back to living a debt free lifestyle.

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