Christmas Credit Disputes

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year for everyone. People are usually nicer and people do great things that they do not normally do during the year. There is also another thing that is great about the holidays. The severe strain put on the credit reporting agencies is a great thing and most people do not even know this little insider secret. Find out why disputing inaccurate items in your credit report is best during this time of year.

If you are like the millions of people out there, you buy gifts for the holidays on credit. Then the New Year comes in and you are deeper in debt than ever before. You get some salvation if you own a home, because right after the holidays mortgage companies know people are so deep in debt and make a ton of money because everyone wants to get out of this debt. The holidays roll around again and people start to try and clean up whatever mess they got into last year, only to get into it again because you get more credit cards and use the ones that you already have.

Since the normal routine of the average person, I am here to give you some insight, which if used wisely will keep you out of debt. The credit bureaus usually get hundreds of thousands of letters disputing information in credit reports. These numbers drastically increase during the holidays, which give the credit bureaus more pressure to stay compliant. The credit bureaus must investigate disputed items within 30 days. It is a little harder, no matter how many people they hire and train. They simply can not keep up with all the new work, so they often do things that put them in the situation of violating several laws from the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

If you focus on repairing your credit and not on spending so much money you do not have, this New Year can be very smooth for you. Always remember that the credit card companies and the bureaus they report to are out to make money. That's it. You have to be smart and play the game the right way so you can win. If you are going to use credit cards, use them for wise investments, like starting a business or something that is going to make you some money in the long run. If you do what you always have done you will get what you always get. Is not it time to change that …?

Source by Joseph Weber

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