A Sneak Preview Of Our New Book – By now youve likely heard of the ambitious pl…

A Sneak Preview Of Our New Book – By now youve likely heard of the ambitious plans for our new book Visualizing Change. Were aiming to take hundreds of pages of our best infographics charts and visualizations and connect them with one universal theme: what are the fundamental forces shaping the business and investing world? If you havent pre-ordered your copy yet theres only a few days remaining to do so! Example Book Spreads As we get closer to the funding deadline weve been working hard to imagine how it could look. Click below to see two exclusive sneak previews of how the pages of this infographic book will be laid out: "The War on Cash" The first six pages of this infographic mocked up as it could appear in book. "The Tech Invasion" How tech companies make their money and are taking non-tech markets by storm. The final product is guaranteed to capture your imagination with hundreds of pages of our best work to date including 40 pages of new never-before-seen infographics! One Potential Snag To date we are still short of reaching our funding goal to make the book and now there are less than 10 days left. Want to help make sure it goes into production? Heres how you can help: Make any pledge on our Kickstarter page here to help us reach our funding goal Share the campaign for the book on social media or with friends Instead of ordering one copy order a bulk-pack of 10 or 50 (branded with your logo) and give to clients or friends Its zero-risk to pledge on Kickstarter and credit cards dont get charged unless we reach our funding goal. The post A Sneak Preview Of Our New Book appeared first on Visual Capitalist.

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